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Solana developers teams are planning to crash the telecom industry with a new development, to launch an Android device a new gigantic focused on web3 mobile apps.
Solana labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko on a recent events in New York City disclosed the new Android phone.
The great team of Solana developers are developing the device to be specially-built for web3 which equally extend across NFT Marketplaces to Decentralized Trading Platforms.

The device will come with a 6.6 inch display alongside with a 512GB storage. The device is in-built with a private key security measures. However, Yakovenko’s as an engineer in Qualcomm brought this moves on mobile reflect as however leads group’s that create technology dominance by the likes of Goggle, LG, and Samsung as well.

“It can be clearly pointed out that over 7 Billion  uses smartphones around the world and over 100 Million smartphones users holds digital assets and both of these numbers will continue to expand steadily” said Yakovenko, the Solana co-founder. ” The development plans to set a new standard for the web3 involvement on mobile.

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Solana Mobile will openly offer developers a new toolkit to build a mobile-first- crypto applications on the Solana blockchain.
Solana Mobile Stack will provide new sets of libraries for wallets and apps giving them quality mobile experience on Solana.
Solana is giving out $10 Milion into a new ecosystem fund to aid developers to create apps leveraging Solana Mobile Stack.

This Solana’s device will definitely bring solution to the technological difficulties which web3 users has been facing, along with the network stoppages.

In Conclusion, the device will be available for pre-oder for a deposit of $100 and will cost as much as $1,000 thereafter. Solana Mobile plan to ship the device by early 2023 next year.

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