Firevip WhitePaper Review: All You Need To Know

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Firevip allows every participant and contributor on the platform to become a beneficiary, and all contributions will be recognised. Everyone creates actual behavioural value by watching ads, thus providing energy and reasonable benefit distribution for the community and supporting the prosperous development of the blockchain ecology.

At present, Firevip has pioneered the blockchain social advertising ecosystem and has covered Meta (Facebook), Google and other leading social media advertising resources, and effectively linked with Meta metaverse, with a strong profit model and development prospects.

Founded in May 2021 and headquartered in Singapore, Firevip Group has created a well-known social advertising platform based on the blockchain decentralisation protocol (DeFi), using advertisement browsing as the cut-in point to create the world’s first “social advertising mining” application through the “mining by watching ads” model, with branches in the US and Malaysia.

Project Introduction

NFC is a virtual digital asset mining project derived by Firevip under the blockchain social investment advisory ecology, which is the only identity symbol of the affirmed right for users to participate in the Firevip community advertising ecology, with the advantages of security, transparency and traceability. It circulates in the secondary crypto market in the form of NFC token, and is highlighted by various rights and benefits, i.e., incentivising individuals to complete social communication tasks on the platform.

The economic benefits gained are reflected in the blockchain as NFC token. The NFC token economy allows every user to rent an advertising machine to watch advertisements and win rewards. The rewards earmed will be more rewarding and grow in value with the help of the massive amount of user’ IP and blockchain technology that the platform brings together.

Firevip Project Background

With the rapid development of the internet social industry, the mobile internet dividends have been running out and individual users are becoming vulnerable. In the absence of a fair and reliable mechanism and environment, it is easy for individuals to be unrecognised for their contributions within the community.

This is especially true for social communications, where users contribute time, activity, privacy and even revenues to social platforms, but are unable to share the benefits. Such a mismatch is making it increasingly difficult for social media to thrive in traditional ecosystems. This is why it is so important to build a global decentralised ecosystem with social advertising at its core, and hence the creation of Firevip.

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In Firevip, the content consumed by users will be recorded in the blockchain world, and not only do they not need to pay for it, but also they will receive additional revenue, and their privacy will be respected and protected. A more valuable, new and free social networking era which benefits for all is coming.

Platform Vision

Always in the spirit of “going beyond the tradition and keep social communications with the trend of the times®, Firevip is committed to building a highly autonomous, and value-sharing social advertising platform that benefits everyone.

The goal of Firevip is to provide users with accurate, comprehensive and reliable advertising resources to watch, allowing users to achieve effective links with brand advertising, making the world free of difficult advertising, eliminating all monopolistic communications and advertising fraud, and allowing users to be fairly paid for their work. Digital assets is the future development trend.

Firevip focuses on realizing the value exchange between platform users and advertising brands by building a comprehensive and multi-faceted digital asset advertising and investment advisory ecology and will continue to devote 100% of its enthusiasm and resources to actively optimizing and implementing outstanding crypto digital asset projects to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Current Development Status

With missions, NFC has demonstrated a strong vitality with an exclusive community advertising ecosystem and has stood out from the crowd of cryptocurrency investment platforms and gained widespread support from investors.

Within one year of its inception, over 1,200,000 registered users have chosen Firevip, creating over 50,000 records of daily activity for the NFC investment network, clusters of selected advertising resources more than 2,000 users in size, and a user community of tens of thousands of investors, with its monthly revenue surpassing $80 million.

As the scale of users and platform resources grows, NFC will always focus on adding value to social communications and building a solid ecological foundation around investment interactions.

Project Features

Implementation of Blockchain Technologies

Combined with the blockchain technology, it creates the world’s first “mining by watching ads” project, allowing everyone to participate in it and receive fair rewards for their contribution and work.

Based on Facebook Metaverse

Since now the metaverse has unlimited development prospects, Firevip has decided to build a new generation of social ecological network together with Meta after Meta (Facebook) built the meta-universe at full speed, and the future virtual social networking will bring a new development opportunity for NFC blockchain ecological applications.

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Breaking Intermediary Model

The future is the era of decentralised sharing, where users can generate direct contact with the advertising brand side through NFC, solving the problems of information asymmetry, middlemen eaming the difference and uneven distribution of benefits. On this platform, users will be recognised for their efforts.

Deep Integration of Industry Brands

NFC has deeply integrated a number of industry brands in the field of e-commerce, cultural tourism, the real estate and artwork, promoting the healthy development of the industry eco-economy and its value, and driving the healthy development of the upstream and downstream industry chains of each brand.

Technology Advantages

With top technical talents from both the advertising industry and the blockchain industry, Firevip has a great advantage in technology development. Firevip has strong and comprehensive technical support capabilities in NFC research and development, ecological solution design, custody of assets and enterprise management. These excellent technical capabilities are the cornerstone of the NFC project development and are also the core competitiveness of the NFC project. The technology development team now has nearly 100 people.

Privacy Protection

NFC has a strong design for privacy protection in its operation. It uses blockchain technology, combined with trusted computing, distributed storage and open algorithms, to create a new identity authentication platform. This provides a more comprehensive, secure and efficient identity authentication service, and gives new value to identity data through NFC’s own ecology.

NFC Wallet: NFC wallet is a secure and useful digital wallet that supports multi-chain wallets, cloud wallets and various single-chain wallets to meet the application needs of platform users in different scenarios.

NFC wallet connects to multiple exchanges to keep users up to date with the market for digital assets and will continue to push the latest blockchain news and industry developments. NFC wallet supports the construction of DAPP ecology, and will constantly recommend high-quality DAPPs, which is the entrance to DAPPs for users.

Advertising Operation System: Advertising operation system is an intelligent system of Firevip based on blockchain technology that has been recognised by the industry. It solves the technical problems of inaccurate placement of traditional advertising operations, and the need to negotiate advertising revenue or advertising contracts offline and the low efficiency. It provides the product functions of accurate advertising placement on the blockchain, intelligent generation of smart contracts and high efficiency of advertising management.

Commission Settlement System: The commission settlement system, a widely recognised smart contract, provides real-time, intelligent commission settlement and clearing services for Firevip users on the DAPP. This groundbreaking design supports cross-border payments, supply chain, reward systems, smart contract execution and data analytics algorithms.

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Profit Model

As the first innovative blockchain advertising social project, Firevip’s revenues and profits mainly comes from several aspects:

Cooperation Fees with Leading Social Media

At present, Firevip has become a partner of Facebook, Instagram, Google and other social platforms, helping various brands to achieve potential user increment and communication goals by virtue of its high-quality advertising technology interface, in order to gain benefits in return.

Withdrawal Fees

When users withdraw the tokens, the withdrawal system transaction rules shall prevail. In order to ensure the withdrawal speed, a certain percentage of the withdrawal fee will be paid depending on the situation.

Value-added Income of NFC Token

When the circulation value of NFC tokens steadily increases in the future, the NFC which represents the rights and interests of the entire ecological token, will bring comprehensive gains to the platform.

Date Transaction Fees

Firevip’s exclusively developed advertising matching system will collect a certain amount of data transaction fees from the transactions of advertisers purchasing services.

Token Model

Issuance Plan The total number of NFC issues is constant at 300 billion, and the starting unit price of the issue is 0.0027USDT, of which the investment fund accounts for 20% of the total, the operation team holds 10%, and the platform mining rewards 70%. As a deflationary token that no longer continues to be issued with value potential, NFCs will be put on the exchange in the future, allowing the market value to rise steadily through constant circulation.

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NFC Acquisition Method

1. Watching advertisements and mining to obtain

Users rent advertising machine on the platform to watch advertisements and complete social interaction tasks in the community to obtain certain NFCs. Meanwhile, user attribute information and access will be uploaded to the chain and stored in the blockchain system.

2. Exchange to obtain

Whether exchanging spontaneously online or offline, or in the public trading market, users can exchange other tokens or external assets for NFCs.

3. Foundation rewards

Special contributors to the community will be rewarded with NFCs by the foundation.

Buy-back Mechanism 

Buy-back Circulation

To ensure the circulation of NFC and to maintain a healthy balance of value, the platform will adopt a “buy-back offer” for NFCs held by original users.

Buy-back Destruction

After the launch of NFC, 20% of Firevip’s quarterly net profits will be used to repurchase NFCs, and the repurchased NFCs will be directly destroyed. Buy-back records will be published as soon as possible to ensure the openness and transparency until the total number of tokens in circulation reaches 150 billion.

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