Will Cryptocurrency Ever Rise Again in 2022 After The Crash?

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Will Cryptocurrency ever rise again after the crash in the market price of cryptocurrency in 2022, this has been a frequently asked questions by every Cryptocurrency users these days. The whole universal of cryptocurrency market has rumbled entirely. In the last one month  with various Cryptocurrency prices falling to new lows in 2022. Luna was not exempted on the crash has it tends to hit zero on the current downturn.

Inspite, of this occurred event this has never been the worst global Cryptocurrency community has faced currently.
There probably have been many bear market in the past many years of crypto existence. It presently can’t be concluded that the present dips is a due sign of bear market. Usually every bear market in the past have always seen a recovery in 2-3 years, in the Cryptocurrency global and this presently can’t and will never be a different case.

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As indicated by Om Malviya president of Tezos india stated that the present crash has been a massive one which was obsoletely recorded in 2019.

Malviya claims that Cryptocurrency will definitely make a positive recovery as soon has the global world return back from the global economy implosion. “The market however will definitely recover when the poorly created system is taken off.”

The world Cryptocurrency market has really made a crash storm, which sent some noteable Crypto’s to the mud. Currently Bitcoin has attained its price position level of $29,387.

Currently Crypto’s like BNB, Solana, XRP, Cardano, and Dogecoin have gained up to 9% in the last 72 hrs. Meanwhile the Global Market Cap has increased by $1.74 trillion, Increasing by 0.77% over the last 24hours.

Crypto investors in the industry continue to be hopeful of the the Cryptocurrency Market recovery. I myself as a Crypto optimist I strongly believe the Market will definitely recover, I believe this present situation will build a sustainable future for Cryptocurrency.

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