Jetset Token (JTS): Token Price, Chart, Roadmap And Review

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Jetset Token

What Is Jetset Token?

JetSet is a utility token used by the ever-growing industries related to travel, wellness, beauty and luxury lifestyle. Everyone deserves a good quality of life. Using JetSet will help you achieve that. They have strategic partnerships that will give them rewards for travel packages, giveaways, discount codes, and exclusive events around their world.

The ecosystem will include a NFT marketplace, a JetSet Dex, and a token wallet to hold Jet Set and other coins.

JetSet isn’t just a token, It’s a lifestyle.

Jetset Token (JTS) Current Price

Jetset Token (JTS) Price Chart

Jetset Swap

A decentralized exchange where token holders can trade their tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

Jetset Walllet

A crypto wallet holding JetSet tokens and other coins.

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Nft Marketplace

The platform will have its own marketplace where buyers and seller can purchase our NFT and launch their own projects

Nft Events

They will offer exclusive curated members-only events just for our NFT holders! Locations will be provided by their partners at


Jetset Token

3% to charity wallet – A new charity will be chosen each month to work with

5% Marketing/promotion – This will be spent on marketing campaigns to increase awareness and adoption of JET Token. Expanding the awareness of the token and other products of JetSet will be key for its success.

2% Dev team – The dev team will focus on improving the product, adding features, and fixing bugs, and also to acquire the best talent, solidify our team and efforts towards expanding the token.

2% Buyback/LP – The company has an internal buyback program which allows it to buy back JetSet from the market when prices are low.

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The platform will buy back big dips and increase liquidity in the pool. This is to ensure the stability of prices and insurance for the community.


Jetset Token

Q1 2022

  • Roadmap
  • List on top 50-100 exchanges
  • Launch NFT marketplace
  • Major Marketing Campaign with brands and celebs | NFT events

Q2 2022

  • List on top 10 exchanges
  • Donation to charities
  • JetSet Wallet
  • JetSet Dex

Q3 2022

  • Purchase JetSet
  • Mansion for events, content creation, luxury stays for our holders
  • Major brand endorsements (Louis Vuitton, Lamborgini, Ferrari)

How To Buy Jetset Token

Quick Start Guide on how to but jet token.

  1. Buy BNB (on Binance or Trust Wallet)
  2. Copy the below token address
  3. Go to Pancake Swap v2
  4. Paste Jetset token address and swap with BNB (slippage 10-15%)
Jetset Token

JETSET is a utility token used in the growing industries of travel, beauty, wellness and luxury lifestyle. Jetset can be utilized for luxury home rentals, exot­ic car rentals, travel, real estate transactions, and various wellness programs. The team is building an ecosystem consisting of a wallet, DEX , and NFT membership program You can buy our exclusive NFTs from the marketplace. All NFT holders will gain access to lux b&bs, events, meetups and retreats.


The token allocation system consists of 3% to charity partners(3% of funds will go into a charity wallet).  They will select a charity each month to partner with. And will allocate 2% of the total revenue to the development team. And will allocate 5% of the total revenue for marketing and promotion. And also will allocate 2% of the total revenue for buybacks to stabilize the price and ensure growth. This is to ensure the stability of prices and insurance for the community.

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