Is Bitgert Scam? Or Legit? Check RIght Now

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Bitgert is a fast growing ecosystem that has built up a super-fast blockchain, a wonderful ecosystem with an excellent project like DeFi, Nfts, Web3, and many more. Bitgert has developed a great users of 131k+ community users with over 70k+ transactions.

Bitgert has created a BRC20/ ERC20/BEP20 Supported wallet, on both android and ios devices. Bitgert is a fully decentralized blockchain, with super-fast speed of transactions. Bitgert has over 100,000 plus transactions per second and 17s block which makes them fast and scalable. Bitgert offers a less Gas fees, and in most cases they offer zero gas fees for every transactions you make on their app.


Is Bitgert Scam? Or Legit?

Most reason why you are seeing this content is for you to clarify if bitgert is legit or scam.
       Bitgert app has a network protocol, which helps you to keep your information save each time you login. Bitgert developer’s showcase fort some things they intend doing which is a proof of it’s legitimately.
   One thing that is ridiculous about the site is their smart contract audit which was been created by them, which isn’t supposed to be. Because there is no way people will trust an Audit which is created by them. Another negative thing about their projects is that they create through ways to market itself.
  Bitgert tends to be a threat to ethereum claiming they have the biggest  blockchain ecosystem, Which I find it hard to believe, Since ethereum isn’t aware of the claims.

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To buy bitgert you can kindly download coinbase app, On IOS store or Playstore as this app is required for the token purchase. Set up your Coinbase wallet, buy and transfer Ethereum to your Coinbase wallet. Immediately your Ethereum token arrives your Coinbase wallet go to the trade section, and alter a swap from Eth to bitgert. Input the amount of ethereum you want to swap to bitgert, Confirm your purchase and you are good to go.


Large numbers of people have attest to the facts of recieved great returns, in any form of transactions they made on bitgert. their wonderful claims made by them attracts crypto newbie to the project but this makes the project appears in a scam way to top crypto investors!.

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