How To Become A Profitable 6-Figures NFT Digital Artists

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How to profit from NFT digital arts

Hello friend, this is a 6-figure nugget breakdown of creating and profiting from NFTs. It is a detailed breakdown of the steps of minting and selling your own NFTs as a proper income on the blockchain.

NFT Digital artists are those people that bring their ideas out virtually. Just like how an artist can make a living from selling his artwork, digital artists can do so as well. 

Ready to forge 6-Figures now than ever, then follow me as I take you through this topic.

What Is NFT?

NFTs are blockchain or digital assets (tokens) that are unique and non-interchangeable. Each NFT has its features and it can never be changed with another or broken down. It can not be exchanged or replaced as well. There is a certificate of ownership for each NFT and they can not be counterfeited for it. 

NFT is also known as Non Fungible token. Examples are gaming items, collectables, artistic paintings and so on.   

Who Is an NFT Digital Artist?

Simply, a digital artist is someone that creates the work of art using digital tools. Digital arts are arts that were created virtually using technology tools. You have an idea about that.

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In a more technical tone, we say a Digital artist is someone that creates a work of art digitally, converts it to NFTs in the blockchain, then has a well-planned strategy for marketing and selling it. 

If you have very brilliant digital arts to showcase, you can even earn NFT royalties till the end Of your life. Such that when someone tells your NFTs, you are always going to get a commission from their sales.

Don’t panic, you are going to learn how to create digital art here so you are in safe hands. Once you have the best graphics or artist idea, then we are good to go.

How to Turn Your Art Into An NFT for Profit

These are the steps involved in creating your art and turning it into NFT:

  1. Create Your Artwork:

Firstly, you have to create your artwork and that is the basics. The artwork can be a painting, a collectable, an item or any other thing of such.

Make sure that artwork is something that you can hold the copyright. Using another person work and then converting it to NFTs might be specifically wrong. 

  1. Decide your Blockchain

Now that you have designed your artwork, the next step is to choose which blockchain you will use in hosting your NFT.

Some of the popular blockchains that are already in use for NFTs are: 

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot
  • WAX
  • TRON
  • Tezos
  1. Choose an NFT Marketplace

Next,  choose your NFT marketplace. This depends on the kind of blockchain hosting your NFT. 

Each NFT Marketplace is niche down to its blockchain. Hence, they will support NFTs that are created in that blockchain.

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For instance, NFTs that are hosted on the ethereum blockchain can only be minted on an ethereal supported marketplace like OpenSea and Raible. 

These ethereum hosted NFTs can not be showcased on market place like Refineable, Juggerworld, because they are for BSC hosted NFTs.

  1. Connect Your Wallet

Connect your ethereum wallet if your NFT is on an ethereum marketplace like OpenSea. Examples of this kind of wallet include Trust, metatask etc.

If it is another blockchain-based marketplace for NFT, you should add the wallet that supports that blockchain. 

In summary, the wallet supported by a particular exchange is the only kind of wallet you can connect to the marketplace. 

  1. Convert Your Artwork into an NFT and Sell It for Profit

Finally, you have to convert your artwork into an NFT in one of the marketplaces. 

This is where you will upload your artwork, description and information about it. You will have to pay a slight fee for this.

After which you can proceed to add a selling option to your NFT. You can state your price directly or put your NFT out on Auction.  

Why You Should Become An NFT Artist

Simple, tech and digital innovation make up tomorrow. They are the next white-collar job that you can make 6-figures from. 

Someone like  Prince Jacon Osinachi Igwe is already making his 6-figures income from NFT alone. 

Well, these are 5 reasons why NFT artists will never lose at what they do:

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1. Scarcity plus uniqueness

NFTs are non fungible and unique. Anything will likely be scarce.

As time goes on, the supply for a certain NFT will drop and the demand will increase rapidly, hence, the value of the assets will increase. 

2. Profitability

NFT artists earn a lot of profit from selling their digital arts. This tome aroutimertists can post their digital arts online and sell them for their money.

Aside from direct selling, royalties are also paid to artists whose works are resold by collectors who buy low and sell high. 

3. Authenticity and Ownership

Once an artist has his NFT on a particular blockchain, he has the full certification with him. So, NFT owned by you are unique, authentic and unplagiarized.


What is NFT sold for?

NFTs are exchanged for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, TRX.

Which blockchain is the best for NFT?

Ethereum is the leading blockchain for NFTs artists. Other blockchains are being used as well. The kind of blockchain you will use depends on the marketplace you are showcasing your NFTs.  


CrossRoad #1/1 NFT for 6.6 million USD. That is a lot that can serve one’s life without any more work. This is what NFT looks like and what NFT artists generate. 

The time when digital arts will be shared on social media and the artist won’t earn anything is gone. This is the best chance to make money from your passion.

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