Salary Mining Token ($SLMR) Price, Benefits And Review

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Salary Mining, Salary Mining token

What Is Salary Mining (SLMR)?

The Sal­ary Mining Toke­n is the first Min­ing Toke­n with its own Phys­i­cal min­ing farm Unlike other “Farms” that stake liquidity, SLRM participates in high yielding proof of work mining – and will utilize hardware that is versatile enough to not be limited to specific chains. Profits from mining are going to be sold and used to buy $SLR.

Salary Mining Token (SLRM) is the first token to be released from the Salary Eco Finance platform. SLRM is the first reflections based token designed to establish and develop a physical crypto mining farm network. Mining revenue is shared among holders through SALARY’s native token, SLR. SLR is unique because it offers holders access to lucrative mining opportunities — without the hassle of owning mining equipment. Just hold SLRM and reap the benefits. 

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BSCContract Address: 0x600B335D037E69B4d723e369F58167B6C4622727

Salary Mining Token (SLMR) Current Price

Salary Mining Token (SLMR) Price Chart

Salary Mining Token Distribution

Salary Mining


5% Mining Farm Development
2% Marketing
2% Redistributed to all Holders in $SLR
1% Team


5% Mining Farm Development
2% Marketing
2% Redistributed to all Holders in $SLR
1% Team

Mining-Farm Profits

85% to buy SLRs and distribute to SLRM owners
10% Reinvestment to build the Mining Farm
5% Recovery SLRM and incineration.

Benefits Of Salary Mining (SLRM)

At Salary Eco Finance – They have a strong interest in bridging the crypto and traditional worlds Investors who prefer to invest in physical assets rather than digital ones tend to favor SLRM because their profits are used to buy mining equipment in the real world. With time, $SLRM’s mining rigs will become more robust, globally!

It might be tempting to buy your own crypto mining equipment, but there are so many factors to take into account. What equipment should you buy? How much does your electricity cost? You don’t need to worry about which tokens to mine because SLRM makes it easy for you. Keep holding SLRM and earn. So easy!

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SLRM is the second token released by Salary Eco Finance. They’ve got a strong community, a working proof of concept, and rock solid experience growing a successful crypto project.

DeFi has already shown that Reflections can provide incredible value. Cryptocurrency mining has also proven to generate significant amounts of passive income. SLRM leverages the best aspects of both of these worlds into a single, trad­able token.

The premise of the salary eco finance platform dictates that multiple projects are developed to drive strong returns for $SLR holders via active income. At the same time they ensure that each individual project within the Salary Eco finance platform stands on its own. Investors should not be afraid to put their money into one, some, or even all of their projects.


We believe that this project has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about investing in cryptocurrencies. We believe that the future of crypto mining is in the hands of investors like you. If you want to get involved in the next big thing, then you should definitely consider buying some SLRM now.

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