How To Verify Your Binance Account In Nigeria Using Your NIN Slip Or NIN Card

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In many cases, we have seen people complain of being verified by Binance using the Binance NIN slip verification process. It’s very easy, but a lot of people don’t know this simply because their online binance verificators wouldn’t tell you this. I believe if you follow the below steps closely, you will get verified with ease.

If you have an original nin slip (not a photocopy nin slip), And you are over 18 years of age, so congrats! Greetings!Firstly, locate a good background for this process. I like a good table. Please note that you won’t get a clear picture of what you want if you use a rough background for this verification process. To make this work, you will have to take the picture in daylight and not just white light. However, a suitable daylight

Furthermore, you must use a good working phone for this process. I noticed that iPhone users get verified on time more often than Android users simply because of the camera view. I’m not saying that Android users won’t get verified; I’m just pointing out that iPhone users have an advantage in this verification process over Android users.But in all, users will also get verified.

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Once you are sure of the above, then you place your NIN slip on the table surface, and you will also need to place your phone horizontally to get the real two-thirds of the picture. Don’t take your device too far from where you are taking the shot so that it won’t look too small.

In some cases, you will be asked for the back and front picture of your NIN slip. Don’t panic. You will have to present the front page as the front picture and the back page as well. Don’t in anyway snap the back if there is nothing written on it, because Binance won’t verify blank designs but codes, numbers, and names etc. You can only snap the back page of your NIN if you’re using a nin card. Lastly, when you are done with this, simply next it for the facial verification process and you will be verified within a few minutes.

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Getting verified with your NIN card is also simple; simply download the nimc app from Google Play, register, and get verified.Locate the NIMCC premium card print out on your page and request a print out. Remember, you will be asked to pay two thousand naira or less for this print out. Simply pay with the available payment methods and, after making payments, you will be sent your NIN slip in a pdf form through your registered Gmail. Locate a place where you can print out the card, then you are all set for the verification process. With your NIN card, you can simply follow the above process to get verified in the twinkle of an eye.

How To Verify Your Binance Account In Nigeria Using Your NIN Slip Or NIN Card

Kindly note that you will be fully verified in a few minutes if you follow the above process closely.

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