COTPS Trading Platform Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?

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COTP is an online trading platform for cryptocurrencies. They are committed to making blockchain assets more liquid and accessible for everyone. THey provide users with an even freer and safer trading environment, which uses AI intelligent algorithms to match them with the best orders, so they can continue to benefit from our services. They focus on building a highly efficient cryptocurrency exchange platform, which enables us to cooperate with 3000+ OTC (over-the-counter) traders around the world. It is currently the largest OTC exchange for cryptocurrencies using USDT as its base currency. We run on the TRC20 NETWORK.

Cotps Otc Is A Digital Currency Service Using Usdt Trc20 To Trade Using It’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithms To Automatically Buy USDT At Low Prices And Sells Them In The Global Market At Higher Prices For Profits Every 2 Hours, 7 Days A Week.

Make up to 3.6% Earn  daily with COTP’s USDT TRC20 Arbitrage Trading System: 

  • Minimum Investment 10$ 
  • Minimum Withdrawal 6$ Fast
  • No buying of robot
  • No monthly subscription
  • No profit sharing
  • No forex trading risks
  • 3.6% Gains a day 
  • +108% Gains a Month
  • Regulated in the U.S by FinCEN 
  • Regulated in Canada by FINTRAC
  • Instant deposits
  • Instant withdrawals anytime
  • In Operation for 3 years 
  • Over  3 Million users worldwide
  • Very fast Customer Service response
  • 3 Level Referral Commission 1st Level 15%, 2nd Level 10%, 3rd Level 10%

All you need is just authorize trades on your phone every 2hrs which doesn’t take more than 1 mins

Crypto OTC Trading Platform Limited (COTP) is generally regulated on both federal and state levels and the primary regulatory compliance requirements are within the United States COTP is required to comply with certain financial services and consumer protection regulations. The primary concern at the federal level is anti-money laundering (AML) controls, and proper implementation by banks of their policies and procedures to deter AML activities.

Cotp is registered with FinCEN as a Money Service Business (MSB) under registration number 31000200921696. As an MSB (Money Service Business), Cotp is compliant with BSA requirements. On the state level, the main issues arise around consumer protection laws and money transmission laws. COTP is currently applying for money transmission licenses in multiple states within the United States.COTP maintains a policy of disclosing to consumers all applicable risks associated with its services.

On COTP, the high frequency trading technology pairs “buy low” and sell “high.” The system then initiates buying… in order not to become completely automated. The trader has to participate in the section of “buying” and “confirming.” Now, when the trade is made, it isn’t automatic, but the blockchain systems and its principles verify the buyer, seller and the profit distribution within two hours. At this point, the capital float has been confirmed. After all these, you get back the capital plus interest to the wallet balance for withdrawal.

Table Of Contents

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Cotp Platform Security  & Technology

The platform uses KYCs to verify user identities. This verification is done by Jumio Netverify technology to reduce the possibility of fraud and money laundering. It is similar to the ones used by global cryptocurrency exchange platform services like Bittrex, LocalBitcoins, and Cryptopay. COTP does NOT store any user information received from Jumio in order to comply with data confidentiality. The system verifies identity automatically.

NOTE: This KYC is highly recommended for P2P traders who trade high volumes of capital starting from $5000 and want to use COTP as their platform to transact.

However, most traders on COTP are retailers in which the system trades on their behalf at a click of a command. In this scenario, KYC is not necessary needed unless the funds are huge.

They use an encrypted transaction system, combined with unique point to point transmission technology, real time clearing engine, smart digital wallets, extremely high network security systems, cross exchange optimal price exchange engine and blockchain technologies. The AI intelligent algorithm automatically allocates the best order for you, so you don’t need to worry about ordering. You can automatically complete any operation such as digital currency delivery or two-way acceptance by just operating authorization. The platform guarantees the transactions for you so that you don’t lose any of your funds. The real-time settlement engine will clear all settlements within a few days, and automatically settle your earnings and principal to your account every day.

What is the difference between Bot automation and Script Automation in COTP?

Bot: a bot is a software application programmed to do automated tasks.The instructions carried out by a bot are hidden and cannot be read by you and This makes it easier for someone to develop a bot and hack our COTP accounts. Hence using Bots for automating COTP accounts are dangerous and not advised.

Script: A script is a piece of text written usually in plain english to perform a task. The instructions carried out by a script are visible and can be read by you and I. you can easily understand what a script does. Due to this transparency,using a script to automate COTP trading is 100% welcomed.

COTP uses OTC style of trading. Over the Counter (OTC) simply means trading between different exchange platforms or different wallet companies.

Let’s get practical.

If you’re selling a product that costs $5 per unit in one city/country but costs $6 per unit in another city/country, what will you do? If you were to sell your products to buyers located in these other countries/cities, you’d make a profit of $1 per item sold.

This is how COTP works. The crypto currency sold on the platform is USDT. COTP has an Artificial Intelligence system which scans the international markets to identify buyers in other countries whose bid price for USDT is higher. It then employs its own algorithm to assess whether any possible arbitrage possibilities exist. COTP then sells our USDT to these purchasers at a higher price, then buys it back at a lower/standard price and returns your money and a share of your earnings within 2 hours.


First of all: 

To trade with COTP.
You need a link to have an account;

To start with please register with the link below


You will need a Registered Account using your phone number.

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Get Ur kyc completed Using any of the following:-

  • Voter card
  • National ID
  • Drivers license
  • International passport

2. Get a USDT (TRC20) wallet 

3. Deposit Your Funds

Any amount of usdt you want to begin with for a start (say 100$ or more depending on your capacity )  is allowed.
Minimum of $10 is allowed to kickoff trading.

4. Set your alarm to trade every 2 hours

This money will double after  22-30 days  with consistent trading.

5. KYC approval is important

Pls read through:- Use any of your NATIONAL ID CARDS for verification, KYC is very important and easy also without verification , you cannot withdraw more than $500 USDT in a day.

How To Activate/recharge OTC Account 

  • Click on  Recharge 
  • At the next page , Copy the OTC (USDT) address
  • Go to the wallet of your choice and paste
  • Send the amount of USDT (TRC20) to your OTC account.
  • In about 3 minutes , your OTC account will be credited.
  • That’s all.

How To Trade Every Two Hours On COTP

  1. Go to the menu buttons below and locate”TRANSACTION HALL”…
  3. Wait for the system to pick your orders till you see  “SELL”  BUTTON. Now click on SELL.
  4. Final click on CONFIRM! 
    Boom 💣…you are done! 
  5. REPEAT process till your wallet balance is below 5usdt. 
  6. In the next 2 hours, all your funds plus PROFIT will return to your WALLET BALANCE! 



If you’re focused on this as your business and your source of income, then your capital will determine how much you’ll be earning under a month. COTPS is going to stay because it’s the first of it’s kind I’ve ever seen and it pays you a lot of money every month based on your capital.

COTPS Trading Platform Review, Cotp, cotps, cotp review, cotps review,
  • With 10$ you will have 20$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours
  • With 20$ you will have 40$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours
  • With 50$ you will have 100$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours
  • With 100$ you will have 200$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours
  • With 200$ you will have 400$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours
  • With 400$ you will have 800$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours
  • With 800$ you will have 1600$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours
  • With 1000$ you will have 2000$ under 22 days if you trade 12 times a day by SELLING and CONFIRMING every 2 hours

These are what you can be making easily every month without any risk of losing your money

How Cotps Makes Their Profit

 Cotp makes their profit from the profit from every trade.  

The company sold 1usdt for GHC 7.55 meanwhile market price is GH7.41

Profit for each USDT sold is
7.55 – 7.41= 0.14
That’s GHC 0.14

  NOW COTP sold 297usdt  

That’s 0.14 x 297= GHC 41.58
  GHC 41.58 is the profit made.  

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  So let’s convert profit to USDT being COTP base currency.  

41.58÷ 7.41= 5.611usdt

Remember that after COTP sells your USDT it buys back at market price which is 7.41

  So COTP made profits of 5.611USDT but how much did COTP pay the owner of the 297usdt?  

 COTP paid me 0.891usdt meanwhile it made 5.611usdt as profit 😂
U see?  So it’s not a scam.   They make money whilst we make money.  

  Therefore the COTP takes some of the money and use some to settle referral commissions on all levels.

7 Differences Between Binance & COTP Exchange

  1. Binance trades on various cryptocurrencies but COTP trades on just USDT
  2. Binance supports spot, p2p, margin and futures trading while COTP supports only p2p trading
  3. Binance don’t search for buyers for you, but COTP does the job for you.
  4. Binance supports peer-to-peer  trading in a particular region while COTP supports p2p trading from different regions.
  5. Binance started operations in 2017 while COTP started operations in 2019
  6. Binance supports different networks in USDT trading while COTP only supports TRC20 (TRON).
  7. You can either lose (or gain) when trading on Binance, but every trade on COTO is always on profit because COTO is a systemized P2P platform.

Why should you join?

COTPS Trading Platform Review, Cotp, cotps, cotp review, cotps review,
  1. Free time
  2. Financial freedom
  3. Referral commission
  4. Businesses that provide residual income
  5. No bills, no utility bills
  6. You can operate anywhere, at home, in the car, etc
  7. Sustainable security system  
  8. Single payment
  9. No logistics, just your mouth
  10. Continue to generate millionaires worldwide
  11. No education required 
  12. Leverage team effort  Help others 
  13. Create an economy adaptive independent of national economies
  14. Regardless of gender and age ‍
  15. No letter of resignation for you
  16. Holidays with style and wonderful lifestyle
  17.  Leave a legacy for your children and your next generation 


COTP is not a Ponzi scheme where you get bouns rewards from referrals encourage your downliners to recharge and trade so you can get rewards

COTP is an AI intelligent digital currency trading platform. Work with top forex traders from around the world. AI Intelligence has unique accurate calculation data, allowing you to buy low and sell high according to the USDT price fluctuation data at every moment of the day according to the needs of global currency traders. When COTP members trade, these USDT will be handed over to artificial intelligence to sell at a high price. The AI will globally screen the trades for about 2 hours and the funds will be returned to your COTP account for profit. Not a fixed 2 hours.

LIFE is all about COURAGE and DETERMINATION. Start now don’t wait for others to succeed before you start, make a successful move and others will take your steps. Why don’t you take the step for others to follow you instead of you waiting for them, a successful person can’t be successful without trying to be successful, start now and make money with us 100% guaranteed. Remember delay is dangerous, join  today and live a better and fulfilled life you deserve.

I hope this review was helpful for you. I know many people who are still looking for legit exchange platforms so they can start earning from cryptocurrency.

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