Bitmon (BIT): Token Price, Chart, Roadmap And Review

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What is Bitmon?

Bitmon is a P2E game made in a collaboration between Kindynos, Vibing Studios, and Maki Studios, which allows players to play, breed, trade, and fight with decentralized monsters.

Bitmon is a set of 10K Bitmon PFP trainers which will serve as an access point to the BitmonDAO.

Bitmon was created from the vision that anyone could create a video game based off of it because CC0 rights would be given for the Bitmons so that any person, artist, or developer could make a product from the artwork and mechanics of the video games. People will be able create art derivations from the DAO, examples can include anime, web series, video games, trading cards, or any bitmon related thing. The first decentralized videogame brand.

Bitmon wants to become the first video game made by the people, for everyone. With a treasury that helps fund the creation of new art products derived from its assets. The trainers will also be given event passes to attend, so they can catch new bitmons, battle with them in the game, receive airdrops, and decide what to spend the funds on.

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Bitmon (BIT) Current Price

Bitmon (BIT) Chart History

Play, Breed, Fight


You’ll be able to play both PvE (Player Versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) video games, where you’ll be able to level up your bitmon, catch new bitmon, and battle online and with friends.

Battle system

Types are Bitmon properties. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses compared to the others. A Bitmon’s type determines whether it has more or less damage when attacked by a certain technique, while the type of the attack determines its effectiveness against a specific type of Bitmon.

Bitmon DAO & $BIT

The project has a DAO, which gets 2.5% of royalties paid per Bitmon Trainer and Bitmon Trade. Builders can be incentivized through asking grants to the DAOs, which will allow people to build on the brand, in return, builders will be incentivised to integrate $BIT into their projects. $BIT is a utility token which is earned by owning a bitmon trainer and staking it, which yields 50 $BIT per day for each trainer. Bitmon Builders’ incentive to add $BIT to its game will be increased by using $BIT for breeding, items, and cosmetics in-game.

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There is no limit

You don’t have any limits on what you can create, so go for it! If you can imagine it, you can create it. Their breeding system, our battle system, and the Solana blockchain power it all. Play, breed, level up, and bring your bitmon to life with other players! Bitmon trainers are collections of 10,000 NTFs that control Bitmon DAO and the future of Bitmon World. They don’t have rarity, but can created by the user, receive 50 $BIT daily (a token that will be used to breed Bitmon and used as a utility for in-game items), and are tradable on the exchange.


Q1 2022

  • Bitmon trainer staking.
  • Bitmon Game Jam.
  • Bitmon Gen 1 released for Bitmon
  • Trainers.
  • Bitmon Breeding.
  • Bitmon PvE alpha.
  • Bitmon DAO consolidation.
  • More attributes for bitmon trainers.

Q2 2022

  • Bitmon PvE full release.
  • Bitmon PvP beta.
  • Bitmon Gen 2 curation.
  • Purchase legendary attributes.
  • Bitmon Marketplace.

Q3 2022

  • Bitmon PvP full release.
  • Generation 2.
  • Bitmon Grand Championship.

Bitmon was created from the vision that anyone could create a video game based upon it because CC0 rights would be given so that any creator, artist, or developer could make a product from the artwork and mechanics of the video games. Users will be able to request funds from the DAO, and these requests will be approved by the bitmon trainers. Examples of things that could be funded include an anime, web series or manga, videogame, or any other bitmon-related project.

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We believe in the power of decentralization and the ability of the community to self organize. We believe in the power of the blockchain and the potential of cryptocurrency to change the world. They want to empower everyone to share their creativity, skills, and passion to help others through the platform.

Blockchain technology is changing the way we live our lives. It’s making everything faster, easier, safer, and cheaper. This new technology is being adopted at an unprecedented rate across industries and sectors.

The Bitmon team has been working tirelessly to develop this project. They have already launched the first version of the game, and have a strong roadmap ahead of them. With the support of the community, they hope to become one of the most popular games of its kind.

The Bitmon team is dedicated to creating a fun and engaging gaming experience. The goal is to provide a better gaming experience than ever before.

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