Zoro Inu ($ZORO): Launching Soon

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Frictionless Defi adoption through tools & education

Zoro Inu is a community controlled deflationary token, Zoro Inu’s purpose is to develop solutions that will make the cryptocurrency space safer and easier to understand for everyone. The deflationary mechanism of the Zoro Inu token includes a redistribution system. 5% of each transaction is distributed as a reward to holders. On top of this, 50% of the total $ZORO supply will be burned, liquidity will be locked we will employ the use of Anti-whale Encrypted Contracts.

The $Zoro Token

Zoro is built in a sustainable way to benefit both holders and project sustainability. 

Zoro Inu token’s holders will automatically receive 5% fee from every on-chain transaction that takes place on the Zoro ecosystem. This system is designed to reward the $ZORO community for every trade that takes place.

A 5% fee is applied for every $ZORO transaction, this fee will go towards charities that support people in countries at war and to help with the future growth of $ZORO.

The remaining 2% will be burned by sending it to a dead wallet which can’t be accessed by anyone, this feature will ensure that $ZORO remains deflationary and becomes more scarce over time.

The liquidity will be locked, the development team will renounce the $ZORO contract ownership and the team will not have any tokens, this is a community owned token.

A connected Dev team 

Our team have a strong set of skills and many have worked for large financial companies specialising in marketing.

Anti-FUD Chat

We do not tolerate FUD in the chats, all FUD will be banned in order to protect the community and the growth of Zoro. We represent positivity and a strong community.

Supply & Liquidity

$ZORO supply starts at 500,000B tokens and will decrease with our built in burn function on $ZORO transactions.

Zoro is a second chance to some and a first chance for many. We aim to lead DeFi adoption, if we all rise together we are stronger than the elites. Take Zoro’s hand and let him lead you to success.

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