Magia Finance ($MAGIA): Launching Soon

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Magia Finance is a Node as a Service & Farming as a Service protocol on the Avalanche blockchain. Magia Nodes gives you lifetime rewards currently being 3% daily, the minimum costs to create a node is 10 $MAGIA up to unlimited amount of tokens. Node owners can choose to claim the generated rewards or decide to compound them back in to the eco- system to receive a bonus multiplier on top of their rewards.

Furthermore the project is fully governed by the community itself. The community decides the investment strategies and the investments made by the treasury. Profit made by the treasury is used to add additional liquidity and or buy backs.

A “Magia” node is the latter concoction. A node-token project that uses the concept and function of a node to perpetuate a token reward mechanism and keep users engaged. Of course, Magia recognizes that the process of “cycling” that must occur to keep the reward distribution both profitable and stable is reliant upon volume over time.

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The initial total supply is 500.000 (500k) MAGIA tokens.

A portion of the liquidity is reserved for yield farming and staking across multiple selected products whose rewards are also bought back and burned. Specific details about this will be available soon on our asset management Dashboard.

Token allocations

70% In to the Distribution Pool (350k) 18% Added to liquidity pool (90k) 10% Sold in Presale (50k) 2% Reserved tokens (10k)

Our roadmap promises Magia an exciting year ahead!

Q1 2022 — Launch phase

  • Launch of the website and digital social medias ✅
  • Private and Public Liquidity Bootstrapping Event ✅
  • Contract rollout ✅
  • Initial liquidity on TraderJoe listing
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko submissions (Awaiting review)
  • First marketing campaign (with selected influencers and Twitter Ads)
  • Community development, aiming for 10K holders at least
  • Bringing revenues to the community through buy backs of generated revenues
  • Infrastructure improvement (Timelock and Multi-sig)
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Q2 2022 — Growth Phase

  • Marketing push with:
    • Selected influencers
    • Media coverage campaigns
    • AMA
    • TikTok, Instagram and Facebook ads
  • Adding additional low and high-risk protocols for yield farming and staking
  • Looking for an auditing partner and performing an assessment of the smart contracts

Q3 2022 — Utility Phase

  • Recruitment and expansion of the Magia team
  • Development of Magia Play with a novel Play-to-Earn concept
  • Implementation of the DAO/voting mechanism for the community
  • Small and/or mid-size CEX listing
  • At least 10,000 nodes created

Q4 2022 — Expansion Phase

  • Aiming for 100K holders
  • Multi-chain support expand to other EVM based blockchains
  • More CEX listing
  • Research on how to make Magia yield farming and staking more autonomous

Q1 2023 — Continuation Phase

  • Opening of our Magia Play concept game that will make use of the nodes, to earn more rewards.
  • Implementing additional features to the project
  • Compete with the biggest DeFi projects and continue development and innovation
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