Connected Token ($CNTD): Launching Soon

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CONNECTED is a social platform, developed on blockchain, which will revolutionize connections between creators and fans, with privacy, security, transparency and fun. Unifying the crypto market, NFT, On demand system and most importantly: PEOPLE. The site includes On Demand artists and creators of all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fan base.




We are based on three pillars: Unity, Opportunity and Inviolability.

Connected Token
Connected Token
Connected Token

Blockchain Security

The security you need. CONNECTED is developed on blockchain technology, the most modern and secure currently, with an encrypted system: buy using CONNECTED token and don’t limit yourself to physical currencies. The world is Yours.

Infinite Possibilities

We offer infinite possibilities. We are a GLOBAL platform. Your content anywhere in the world for any style. Just connect.

Connected Token

Global Connectivity

The first global platform for interaction and connectivity between content creators and fans that does not impose genres. Show off your content, whatever it is.

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