The Web3 Project ($WEB3) Launching Soon

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🌐 The Web3 Project 🌐
“Your data, your identity, your money”

They are building a series of user driven experience DApps easily adoptable by the general public, all while staying decentralized by functioning as a DAO.

This are some of the first utilities that will come out:

💎 Social Gaming Platform
💎 The WEB3 DApp Store
💎 Whistle – Social Network DApp
💎 The WEB3 Marketplace – Sell anything (even your data)
💎 Customizable Avatar NFTs with benefits through all The WEB3 ecosystem

The token itself has some pretty good systems in place:

🚀 3x Rewards: BNB Dividends, $WEB3 Reflections and The Community Voted Token (Cake by default until 1st vote)
🚀 A unique Auto buyback + burn that doesn’t sell to the chart
🚀 “The Circuit Breaker” – Sell tax increase to 33% and buy tax is lowered for 1h after a price drop of 10%+

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LIVE at launch they will have:

🔥 Mystery Boxes
🔥 WEB3 Swap
🔥 Staking
🔥 The Upfinity League – P2E Game

All safu checks in place already:

✅ Doxxed Founders
✅ Audit

Here is the plan

Phase 1

2022 Q1

      Web design
      Coding and deployment of $WEB3
      Private sale
      KYC by Pinksale
      Audit by Coinscope
      Whitelist contest for Presale
      Marketing for Presale
      Presale on Pinksale
      AMA with Pinksale
      AMA with AMA_Central tg group
      Poocoin presale ads
      Swap 1.0
      Staking  1.0
      NFT Avatars Season 1
      The Upfinity League game demo
      Major tg marketing groups pins
      Poocoin, dextools and bogged ads
      Coinmarketcap list
      CoinGecko list
      Whistle app prototype
      DAO 1.0
      Multichain NFT marketplace  1.0
      Publications on several news outlets
       Coinmarketcap Trending

       10-80M Marketcap ATH

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Phase 2

2022 Q2

      Certik Audit
      Staking  2.0
      DAO 2.0
      Multichain NFT marketplace 2.0
      Swap 2.0
      The Upfinity League Launch
      Whistle 1.0
      Trending Moments
      The Playground
      Strategic Partnerships
      The Web3 Podcast
      NFT Avatars Season 2
      CEX listings
      Coinmarketcap Trendings
      Ads on major sites

      100- 500M Marketcap ATH

Phase 3

2022 Q3/Q4

      Swap 3.0
      Staking 3.0
      Whistle 2.0
      Events attendance NFT
      Poll system
      Full NFT conversion of all your data
      DAO 3.0
      Whistle 3.0
      NFT Avatars Season 3
      Multichain NFT marketplace 3.0
      Marketing in all major platforms
      Marketing in pro league sport events
      Marketing in esport events
      Marketing in parties and other events

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      700M-3B Marketcap ATH

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