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METABLAZE [$MBLZ] A deflationary utility token built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). METABLAZE is adeptly designed with a unique rewards system, OpenSea-minted NFT’s, and a focus on sustainable long-term growth through our innovative Decentralized Application: BLAZEdApp. Not only is METABLAZE building for the future we are building the bridge to help us get there, and we want to bring you along with us. We are all things Metaverse!

METABLAZE is the perfect way to make your crypto go further by providing two forms of passive income. Our METAFLECTIONS mechanism will provide income in our native $MBLZ token, while our BLAZERWARDS mechanism will provide income in any BEP20 token you desire. Our passive income system is thoughtfully designed to give YOU more control. The opportunities for rewards don’t stop there, you can participate in our interactive BLAZIVERSE, which is centered around a strategy-game-driven collection of ever-changing NFTs to maximize rewards.

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METABLAZE has META-BIG plans, and we are exceedingly tactical in how we execute those plans. One component we are most excited about is our very own blockchain: “BLAZECHAIN” and our top-secret, never-done-before Metaverse plans positioning the METABLAZE community for long-term gains and META-MASSIVE value potential!

METABLAZE is a DeFi/GameFi token built around NFTs and designed for the metaverse.

Phase 1 Presale Bonuses: 10% $MBLZ Tokens + Exclusive Founders Club NFTs (only 200 FC NFTs minted on OpenSea)
METABLAZE is offering a portion of OpenSea royalties to owners of our FC NFTs via the secondary sale of our standard 10k collection NFTs minted on OpenSea. This is a highly valuable utility.

Hold $MBLZ and earn two streams of passive income in $MBLZ & $BUSD.

10k NFTs per quarter, for a total of 40k per year.

METABLAZE is developing BLAZECHAIN; a new blockchain with never-before-seen utility. Designed for the metaverse!

NFT marketplace to launch shortly after our official DEX listing.

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MBLZ has retained an experienced agency to list $MBLZ on the most popular DEX and CEX!!!!

MBLZ token is deflationary by nature and will burn 44% of our total supply.

Doxxed, KYC compliant, Ownership Renounced, Team Locked 3 Years, US-Registered Company!

Please visit our website and read our Whitepaper!


Q4 2021

  • Idea Development
  • Team Formation
  • Conceptualization Business Plan Formation
  • Extensive Research of Metaverse
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Legal Research & Consulting
  • Branding & Narrative
  • White Paper Development
  • Launchpad Design and Development
  • Begin Advertising on Social Platforms

Q1 2022

  • Build Launchpad
  • Create Token Smart Contract
  • Create NFT Smart Contract
  • Certik Audit
  • Marketing for Presale Phase One
  • Presale Phase One

Q2 2022

  • Presale Phase Two (3 Rounds)
  • Website v2
  • Exclusive NFT Collection Goblins Sale
  • Add Liquidity to PancakeSwap
  • Lock Liquidity
  • $MBLZ Token Launch on PancakeSwap
  • Lock Team Wallet for 3 Years
  • Renounce Ownership of Token Smart Contract
  • Blazing Event-Initial Burn
  • Upgrade Website,
  • Release BLAZEdApp
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Begin Major Marketing Effort
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Q3 2022

  • Collection (Elves)
  • Deploy ERC20 Token on Uniswap
  • Create BSC-ERC Bridge
  • Announce Upcoming Game

Q4 2022

  • NFT Collection (Orcs)
  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • List to Major CEX

Q1 2023

  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • Blockchain (BLAZECHAIN) Launch
  • Announce New Interactive Game
  • Alpha Test Game (PC Based)

Q2 2023

  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • The BLAZESWAP (Exchange Market)

Q3 2023

  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • Major Influencer Marketing Push

Q4 2023

  • NFT Collection (Community Vote)
  • BLAZECHAIN Expansion
  • Partnership with a Major Gaming Company for _____ Project

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