DogePay Money ($DOGEPAY) Launching Soon

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The arrival of passive income…

World’s Best Reward Coin

DogePay gives you endless USDT. All Doge fans can invest in DogePay to automatically receive USDT in their wallets for each transaction. DogePay is an adorable conception of Father Doge, designed on the high-speed BSC blockchain to offer you passive income.

DogePay may look adorable, but it knocks out all the other coins when it comes to paying rewards to holders. Higher earnings mean more passive income for investors. DogePay is also a deflationary token designed to become rarer over time.

– We have burned 29%+ of the supply. This means that there is less supply available and a higher distribution of rewards.

– 5% to 10% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders paid in USDT.

– The majority of initial LP tokens were locked and burned.

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