Cryptolocally Review 2022: All You Need To Know

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This pos features a complete review of cryptolocally. One of the pioneers of a safe and secure P2P cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto locally was established in October 2019 by Hugo Campanella and Sungjae Chung in Hong Kong. 

This time, we think you should know a lot about them and also their Free Giv Token. They also feature several characters and support a lot of coins.

I understand most of us don’t know about it. But after reading this post, I hope you will decide what’s best.

Enough of the introduction, let’s just delve into the whole information.

What Is Cryptolocally?

Crypto locally is a crypto currency P2P exchange that has been with us for a while now. 

It came into limelight in 2018 and after some improvement recently, it got a bit more adoption. 

Cryptolocally is safe, easy to use and fast. It works well in Nigeria and about 40 + more countries. 

The features speak of what Cryptolocally offers, let’s see them.

Features Of Cryptolocally

  • P2P Exchange
  • DeFi Wallet
  • Safe and secured transaction
  • Smart Contract Enabled Trading
  • Multi Network contract
  • GIVernance
  • Referral program 

Cryptolocally Services

Below are the services offered on Cryptolocally:

  • Buy/Sell
  • Earn
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1. Buy/Sell

This is the marketplace where Cryptolocally users can buy or sell crypto. They can also exchange coins for coins. Also, this is where users add their payment method and all sorts required for a complete crypto currency transaction.

2. Earn

Users can earn up to 30% ROI on their staked coin in Cryptolocally. This seems like an investment opportunity for users. To use this earn feature, tap on “earn” on your dashboard then choose the crypto you want to invest in. Finally, toggle on ” earn” switch.

Supported Countries And Currencies

Cryptolocally is one of those exchanges that bring about everyone around the world to trade on one platform. However, those countries that have been excluded are due to either government pressure or individual regulation.

See the list of all countries supported on Crytpolocally here

If the name of your country is on the supported list, then you can always use your local currency to make payment on the exchange.

Crypto locally supports several crypto currency including all of those below:


Transaction Fees And Supported Payment Methods

Transaction Fees

The regulation of Cryptolocally states that the transaction fees of users will be invariably proportional to their VIP status. Hence, the higher the VIP status, the lower the transaction fees.

By buying more GIV coins and taking part in activities like referral to Cryptolocally, you can increase your VIP status and incur lower transaction fees.

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Bronze – Users without GIV token pay 0.99% trading fee.

Silver    –  Users with at least 25,000 GIV tokens pay 0.7425% transaction fee.

Gold    – Users with at least 100000 GIV token can pay just 0.495% from their transaction as fees.

Payment Methods

Crypto locally supports more than 50 payment methods including bank transfer and cash deposit. They also allow Venmo, Paypal, Cash App,  Wired payment, We Cash. 

You can check for more payment methods here

Verification Requirements And Transaction Limits

Once you sign up to this exchange, you can trade. However, KYC verification is very important on any decentralised exchange in order to have access to full features. 

You can trade as much as you want if it is under the seller’s jurisdiction. There is no specific transaction limit on crypto locally except. 

Note that if a coin transaction is close to insignificant when the network fees are deducted, then the transaction might not take place.

Customer Support And Public Opinion

There are many decentralised exchanges and cryptolocally seems to be one amongst many to offer a 24/7 instant live chat responding to customers queries. 

This means that your issues will be solved immediately if you contact the customer support. 

Just like every other exchange, they have their social media community which includes:

How To Get Started On Cryptolocally

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign up with your personal ress and a strong password
  3. Paste the confirmation code sent to your email on the neon page.
  4. Input your name, country and phone number. Make sure you verify your number and then you are good to go.
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How to buy on Cryptolocally

  1. Sign in to your Cryptolocally account
  2. Go to the Buy/Sell section from the top menu.
  3. Choose the crypto you want to buy.
  4. A list of sellers will be displayed with their offers. Choose the one that best suits you. 
  5. Tap on open order and find escrow.
  6. Make payment to the account displayed within some minutes.
  7. Boom! Your transaction is complete and you will receive your crypto

How to sell on Cryptolocally

  1. Choose the coin you want to sell
  2. Then choose your buyer and agree to terms.
  3. Fund escrow
  4. Receive your payment and release escrow to send the coins.

How to create an Offer on Cryptolocally

  1. Here Go to the “New offer” 
  2. Choose whether you are a buyer or seller and complete other required information including a limit of the offer.
  3. Publish your offer. You can edit if you have any problem with the offer then later publish again.

Conclusion – Is Crypto Locally Safe?

With all this said, you should have coined your decision. Now, if you still don’t trust crypto locally, these are some of the reasons you should try it out:

  • You are in control of your crypto and even have your privacy on the exchange
  • They have a physical office in several countries
  • With the level of credibility of a company registered on, Cryptolocally as well can be trusted.

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